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She decides not to clean the kitchen like she was asked to do he comes home and is furious when he finds the mess he places her on the bed face down and proceeds to spank her on her bare bottom with his hand and then with a strap.

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3 spanking models bare there bottoms and talk about their experiences in working on a spanking amp caning photo amp video set each girl is told to bare their rounded bottoms proudly each girl sticks out their tushys and shows off the redden welted cheeks.

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Punished brats if you want to see spoiled brats get the bare bottom spankings and discipline they deserve punished brats is the site for you hot red bottoms tearful remorse free previews pictures video clips downloads.

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Spanking movies videos and photo stories strictly english bare bottom spanking and caning video films severe real life punishment of naughty ladies and schoolgirls on video.

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Description rosaleen fans youll love this a severe bare bottom strapping for a very naughty girl the clip was taken from the spankingmagscom archives.

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The verdict was in the sentence was read judgment was final and my punishment forthcoming i was 21 years oldold enough to know better but not too old to be punished like a boy half my age.

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Masie has a hangover and is struggling to get up her mum comes in to a pigsty masie tells her that its her room and to fuck off miss masie with her potty mouth makes it worse by accusing her mum of lesbian fantasies and cursing at her.

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I make no secret that i miss michaela mcgowen and appreciate that any model will not be around for ever so we were lucky to have such a hot beautiful and sexy girl such as michaela work for firmhandspankingcom and produce many lovely spanking films for as long as she did she switched in some shoots but her beautiful bottom often went to waste and it was probably still is one of the.

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